The Death's Collector Novels - The Entire Series (Kindle and ePub) - Special Release

The Death's Collector Novels - The Entire Series (Kindle and ePub) - Special Release

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Includes all 6 Death's Collector novels from the Death-Cursed Wizard series.

A wizard compelled to kill. A slaughter he vowed to prevent. A murderer who pissed off the wrong guy…

Bib the sorcerer hates how much he loves his job. Cursed by the God of Death to collect lives, he focuses his thirst on snuffing out only lowlife losers and contemptible ass-clowns. But when innocents under his protection are brutally murdered, Bib flips the switch on the ultimate revenge spree.

Bent on obliterating the bum responsible, Bib is more than a little miffed when he discovers the shocking truth about his own degenerate nature. But knowing the type of killer he is inside, the reluctant hero won’t be stopped until he mows down every evil dude in his path.

Can Bib fight his way to redemption before he loses his soul to bloodlust?

If you like snarky heroes, top-notch magic systems, and epic sword and sorcery, then you’ll love Bill McCurry’s addictive, darkly comic tale.

A Reader Review of Book 1:

"In Death's Collector, Bib, the Death-cursed wizard, leads you gently by the hand into the life of a good man who became obligated to kill people for the god of death. And then it trips you and dumps you into the muck and the blood and the guts and laughs at you.

"This irreverent book is the memoir of a man who kills people and likes it for beings that he neither loves nor respects, a truth he tells to their powerful faces every time he meets them. But underneath the deadly sardonic exterior is a gold-leafed heart that wouldn't mind loving again if the opportunity presented itself."
- Thomas D.

This collection contains the following novels gathered into a single e-book file:

Death's Collector
Death's Baby Sister
Death's Collector: Sorcerers Dark and Light
Death's Collector: Void Walker
Death's Collector: Sword Hand
Death's Collector: Dark Lands

PLUS the companion novella:

Wee Piggies of Radiant Might

Readers are saying:

"A surprise jewel of a read. The main character is a great antihero."

"I'm on Chapter 4 of the first book, Death's Collector, and am already looking forward to reading the whole series!!"
- Jason Anthony M.

"Just make sure you remember to put it down at night. It's hard to go to work on 3 hours of sleep."
- Corinne S.

"I am on the fourth book already! So fun to read and very well written to keep things interesting."
- James V.

"This book is full of characters so well developed they become real, a fast paced and interesting plot that pulls you in and drags you along by your hair at breakneck speed. "
- Charlotte W.

"Half way through the first book and loving it! Great balance of twisted humor and action"
- Gary H.

This product is the ebook.
The individual paperback editions are available at Amazon. (Click Here)

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