Death's Collector: Dark Lands (Kindle and ePub)

Death's Collector: Dark Lands (Kindle and ePub)

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The Apocalypse sucks.

Somebody must slay the Father of the Gods, but why does it have to be Bib?

The final war between the gods and their awful, eternal enemies is starting, and Bib the sorcerer finds himself fighting for the wrong side. He’d rather not be on any side at all and sit at home drinking heavily, but that’s not an option.

Bib is sent to find a weapon that kills gods, but other heroes are falling all over each other to find it too. Will the weapon go to the bravest and toughest? Great! Will it go to the worthiest? That may be a problem…

Find out now because it looks like there may not be a chance later.

This product is the ebook.
Paperback Available at Amazon. (Click Here)

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